Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Camp Ritchie - Day 1

This is my first time ever driving to girls camp by myself. The GPS took me a crazy back way but luckily I managed to find Highway 88. I drove and drove and drove. I was a little worried I would never find the camp!

Stopping to enjoy the view

But then I did find the way to camp! Super happy that I didnt pass by it by accident. I had no cell service and I did stop in Pioneer to ask how much further it was but nobody knew. It turned out okay though!

Driving in to camp is so pretty!

Such a happy and welcome sight that I had not been able to see for the past 2 years! 

We had the first level and second level girls in camp. The third level was on a hike. The fourth level was in camp also. We all met together to have a little orientation and I did not get a picture of when the rappelling staff went up but we sang a cool song to the tune of "A Whole New World" , it was awesome.

I was very impressed with everyone dressing in the color of their cabin. I miss doing that! I remember one year I was orange I think, that was kind of hard. Another year I was yellow and I dont quite remember the other years. 

Sherrie Jensen was the queen from Maleificent I think. I have not seen that movie yet.

Short little vlog - I dont know if you can hear my narration or not but it was raining outside, so odd to me!

Dinner was amazing. Spaghetti, salad with home grown tomatoes and garlic bread. I love the meals at camp!

Day 2 to come!

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