Wednesday, June 25, 2014

90 Is A Big Number!

I drove to California on May 7th for my grandpa's 90th surprise birthday party which was happening on the 9th. 

The food was SO good. I couldnt get enough.

Watching a neat video my cousin Kevin put together of my grandpa's life put to music and a little narration by people in the room

Cake was super delicious. Whipped cream frosting and actual strawberries in the filling. Perfect!

My grandpa and grandma with all 4 of their kids!

My grandma and grandpa!

We all signed a picture frame for my grandpa so he remembers that we were all there and that we love him. It was great to see family I have not seen for awhile, some in quite awhile! Sad that some people were not able to make it but I am so glad to the people who made the effort to be there.

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