Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Catching Up : Valentine's Day

We started out the evening by going to a candy party at Blickenstaff's in Provo. This is a very cool toy and candy store so if you are ever in Utah, come check it out!

Found these cool round dice!

Getting instructions on how the evening was going to go

I super loved these flat building blocks.

Got to try this licorice - so good!

Boston Baked Beans

Rock Candy

Jelly Belly's!

I spied an owl, of course

Chocolate covered cinnamon bears

Playing a trivia game

Cup full of different samples of chocolates



Bubble blowing contest!

I won a Kinder egg! Chocolate egg with a toy inside. I love these.

I convinced Tony once that the butterfly in the jar was real and we found one at the store so I had to tease him about it. Hehe

Keep up with Blickenstaff's on their Facebook page by clicking here so you can stay tuned for their Halloween event!

Next we headed to

For some of the best Indian food!


I'm surprised we had room for food after eating so many sweets. It was such a fun evening!

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