Monday, March 10, 2014

Waterfalls & DI Shopping

I found some drafts, so this was forever ago that this happened but I needed to get it out of my drafts and posted.

Got to go to the famous Bridal Veil Falls in the morning which is in Provo. Met my mission companion Alisa there with her 3 kids. It was a short walk from the parking lot to the falls. You could play in the water but it was cold! and hike up along the right side over the rocks to get up closer but we stayed at the bottom this time. Maybe another time we will go up closer. 

Took a trip to Deseret Industries in American Fork Saturday afternoon and found this gem! A record of how to train your bird to talk! It was $1, wish I had bought it but I really dont know what I would have done with it. I am not sure my parents have their record player anymore...if they do though, they'd never allow me to bring my birds for a visit! Sad day. I was so excited to find this though! Right in the front! 

A Camp Ritchie shirt in Utah!? What what! I wonder if there is another girls camp with the same name around here? So weird! For those reading this who dont know, Camp Ritchie is the camp in CA I have gone to for girls camp since I was 12. I missed 1 year because of the mission and I missed going this year because it just did not work out to get there so close to our other CA trip but other than that I've been every year!

Later at night we took a drive to get some pizza to eat with Laura & Rocky and this little guy was on the hood of my car! Glad he was able to hang on until we stopped and were able to get a good picture of him. I've never seen one in UT!

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