Monday, January 27, 2014

Fair To Prepare

The day started with me thinking that I had not seen a hot air balloon all year and felt a little sad. We had to miss the balloon festival at Lake Havasu last weekend and there have been no other balloon events to go to around here yet. As I was pulling out of my street to drive to the stake center for a RS breakfast I got super excited because for the first time ever, I saw a hot air balloon above the mountains. I have never ever seen this before! You can see it in the picture above, hopefully - through all the inversion. Just a small reminder to me that someone up above cares about the things I care about and wants me to be happy :) 

The Relief Society was really good despite the fact I didnt get there early to sit with anyone I knew, I didnt know that you were supposed to dress up (guess you didnt really have to but there are a lot of older ladies in the stake that like to dress up I guess) and I didnt know it went until 11am. Ah well.  That pushed my day back a bit but I managed to get mostly everything done that I had planned to do.

I went to the preparedness fair in South Jordan next. This is something Tony & I went to last year and had an enjoyable time. I met my friend Lindsay who was already out there and we walked around the booths together. Then I went upstairs to go to a class (it was held at a school) and ended up staying a lot later than I had planned. I went to the identity theft class, one about earthquake preparedness and a bee keeping class. Everything was so super good, I took so many notes and learned a lot as well.  Sadly I couldnt go to all the classes I wanted to (like Intro to Ham Radio , Keeping Food Storage Simple and what to do when you need to deal with medical issues and help is not on the way, just to name a few).  I could have spent all day there going to the classes, seriously. 

Still need to figure out if we need to get this for our bees or not

These plastic stacking containers were cool. Pretty slim and easy to transport. 

This was the guy who taught the bee class. He was thrown in to it last minute but I thought he did a great job. It was interesting that in every class I went to there were ASL people and translators in there too. Pretty cool.  I left shortly after 2:30pm. I am really looking forward to attending this next year. Hopefully Tony wont have to be in Provo doing homework and can come with me.

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