Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Trip To Vegas

This is obviously a 'later-post' for those who know me personally know that I took this trip in September. Shame on me for never blogging about it until now. But! Here are some pictures from part of the trip.

Backstreet Boys were coming to Las Vegas and since they were not coming to Salt Lake City I knew I had to take a little roadtrip to see them. My friend Aimee came too which made it even more fun. I would have gone by myself but its always better to roadtrip with a friend. I picked her up Friday evening and off we went. We got to Las Vegas pretty late but my friend Kylee who we were staying with, was still up so I got to talk to her a little when we got to her house and Aimee got to meet her too.

It was mostly overcast on Saturday when we headed out to the strip from Kylee's house. She is about 20 minutes or so away from this part of Las Vegas.

I always have good memories of when Laura and I went to Las Vegas for the first time ever and we stayed in the MGM.

I guess they wanted me to pay for the picture. Oops

Always fun to visit the M&M Factory Store

You could design a word or tiny phrase to fit on the M&Ms you bought. So customized. Love it

Aimee & I waiting to see the 3D movie

I love this shirt. Because I was made in the 80's. Hahaha!

Couldnt resist getting a few M&Ms. Teal? Yes please. Minis too.

Looking from the window up above and I zoomed in a lot to get this picture

Then we headed to the Coke store

Sample Coke from around the world

 I just got an orange soda float with vanilla ice cream. Tasty!

Interesting dressed people in Vegas. Those shoes! 

I'd rather be walking instead of driving on the strip in Vegas


Inside the Aria hotel. Never been in here before

But I found hot air balloons and I was a fan immediatley 

I also liked these cool light tubes that had water inside of them

Pretty indoor garden

The trees had dripping lights on them that looked like raindrops I guess. Kind of cool!

Our view from the parking garage
So green.
So many palm trees

Another view from the parking garage

Amazing sunset happening here.

And we were off to the Backstreet Boys concert...

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