Thursday, August 8, 2013

Greg Olsen & A New Popcorn Popper

A couple weeks ago I saw on Facebook that Greg Olsen was going to be in town and selling a bunch of his art for a super discounted price. So! I asked if anyone wanted to go via FB and Twitter and my friend Celeste wanted to go! She picked me up Saturday morning and we headed to SLC. Waited in line for 30-40 min maybe and then we were let in to the room that was all set up with his prints. I got one for one of my brothers, for my niece and they gave the first few hundred people in line their choice of a free picture as well. So fun to go check this out and get a picture with Greg.

Celeste & Greg Olsen

Not a ton of people yet at the warehouse sale

Tony and I canned a bunch of food because we had rented the machine thing from the cannery so that was nice to finally get done! 

Celeste gave me this cool vinyl that I stuck on the tub and Tony didnt even see it until a few days later. So funny!
In the evening we went to eat at Zupas...and rented a redbox...

We also went to Walmart to look for a new popcorn popper and ended up with this one

It's pretty cool! We can make kettle corn in it even! Its different from any popper I've ever owned. Tony's finally bit the dust during YW when we were making popcorn and it started smoking. Oops! I was sad to have it die because he had one that looked just like the one I had as a kid. 

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