Monday, July 8, 2013

Training Table

I have probably written about Training Table before. You sit at a table with a menu and when you are ready to order your food, you pick up a phone and call up to the counter? Well yes, it's a pretty cool concept. The not cool thing about it is that depending on what location you go to, the phones may cut out a lot. 

So originally we each ordered a hamburger, a small cheese fries and water. We waited and waited...someone finally came over and gave us a large cheese fry because we still didnt have our order yet. So we said thank you and that we just needed our hamburgers.

Waited again. And waited. It was almost 9pm and they were closing at 9 so we called up to the counter again to see if our burgers were coming and they said, "Sorry we already shut down the grill." They never ever heard we wanted hamburgers even though we told the guy that is what we had ordered when he came to bring us the cheese fries. 

They made it up to us with shakes which was nice, 
I normally dont order a shake when I'm eating out.
However, it made for a very unhealthy dinner!

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