Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Rest of the Reno Reunion

This is the hotel everyone was staying at and where we hung out for the most part while we were in Reno

Amazing bathroom that didnt have a normal sink. Just a slab of marble with faucets and the water just disappeared into a pipe. It was so magical, never had seen anything like this.

Waiting for our ride so we could go downtown. My grandma went along to drop us off but then my aunt took her back to the hotel.

Tony being funny with the camera

Me, taking a candid picture ;-)

My sister walking with my grandma

Tony & I ...pretty obvious it's us. haha

We went to a sweet antique store that was downtown...
I kind of regret not buying that owl clock now!

super cute homemade goodness

pincushion birds! I just know I'd sew more if I had one of these...hehe

Sunday afternoon some of us took a walk by the river. My aunt dropped us off in downtown Reno and then we walked all the way back to the hotel! The trail was a cement path and somewhat shaded part of the way which I was grateful for because it was hot!

 Pretty view on a pretty day

 Me with some of the relatives before Tony & I headed out later Sunday afternoon. I was really sad to leave - didnt want to go back to Utah! Everyone else stayed a few days more before heading on to their next destination. 

Im so super glad that Tony & I made the choice to meet up with everyone and that I could spend a little time getting to know some of my family better! I'd love to make a trip out to Georgia and Iowa to visit them sometime. That would be awesome!! I'm related to some pretty cool people!

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