Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Reno Family Reunion - On Our Way

Sweet sunset as we are heading out of Utah...

I am so lucky to have been able to go to 2 family reunions in the last month! The Reno one was unexpected and unplanned (for Tony & I) but we were able to pull it off and make it work to be there. I'm so so glad we went! We drove all night Friday night and since we were not in a super rush we stopped at a car show in Wendover...

Tony with a car he really liked

Reminded me of a horse's mane

We slept in an adventurous place when we arrived in Reno. This was around 3-4 am and I had driven the last couple hours so Tony could sleep.
Tony had found a good camping spot but once we arrived it stunk SO bad and I insisted we find another place to sleep. Plus it was hard to see what was open camping area and what was Private Property. So we ended up camping in a gas station parking lot...which there were other cars of people there but we went on the side with all the big rigs, set up the air mattress in my car and slept really well. I didnt mind but was a little bummed that the campsite didn't work out. 

We went to Black Bear Diner for breakfast (see the Foodie tab for what we ordered!)

We found the hotel everyone was staying at and we walked around, scoped it out. Made a call and sent some texts to see where everyone was. Sounded like nobody really was meeting up until dinner, my grandparents and an aunt and uncle coming from CA were not there yet and neither were my sister Allison and her family. 

I super wanted to eat at Fuddruckers so I called up my friend Heather who lives really close to Reno and she met us for lunch. I was SO excited! Getting to eat at a place I have not been for far too long & seeing such a great girl who I am lucky to call my friend.

Yay! Heather & I

My burger. Mmmm

Strawberry shake. Double Mmm!

We went back to the hotel (Grand Sierra) and thought about if we wanted to rent a hotel room somewhere or just a spot in the RV area. We had brought a tent but decided last minute to take my car and not take the teardrop camper. I am kind of glad we decided to get a hotel room not too far away (better rates I guess is why we did it?) because we wanted to lay down with AC and shower! 2 things you cant really do while camping. Well, showering yes..if you are in the wilderness or...they let you use a truck stop? Shudder. No thanks! Haha!

Excited and ready to meet relatives I have not seen for a super long time!

 Next post will be more pictures and more about this trip so come back and read that soon!

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Sew Fantastic said...

Those are some pretty neat cars! Can't wait to read more and see more pictures from the reunion!