Sunday, June 2, 2013

Babysitting Riley

Occasionally I get to watch my nephew for my sister and here are some pictures I took one day while I was at their place. I could not get him to smile but got some cute expressions from him. My sister lives in Holladay so not super far away. Riley is now 1 (born in Dec, 3 months early but technically 1 years old in March).

Watching something up on the t.v.

He's probably wondering when Im going to stop taking pictures. Hehe


Brendon Jones said...

What a cutie pie. No not you Stacey......I mean Riley....HA HA HA You too stacey. You have way to much fun in life I love it!!!! I miss you. Next time we make it to Utah I totally want to come hang out with you and do lunch or dinner or something.

Brendon Jones said...
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