Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How About Some Cheese?

Saturday evening my friend Holly & her husband Dominic , had their 5th Annual Cheese party at their place in SLC. She had invited me on FB and Tony LOVES cheese so we decided to go. First we stopped at Harmon's to get cheese. Each guest had to bring 1/2 lb of cheese they love and 1/2 lb. cheese they had never tried before. I brought Colby Jack (one of my favorites) and a kind I had never tried - cheese with cranberries in it!


6pm - Home Room
6:30pm - Cheese Tasting 101
7:00 pm - Cheese Making Demo
7:30 pm - Cheese Tasting 201
8:00 pm - JeapordeCheese
8:30pm - Cheese Tasting 301

Table full of cheese, fruit, breads, jams/jellies and more. So wow!

Plates for the adults & the drinks

Supplies, Diplomas, Cups & Kids Plates

Super cute! 
(sorry, on my computer the pictures are facing the right way but when I upload them to Blogger, some got flipped and I cant fix it right now. bummer)

Different kinds of cheeses to try

We were supposed to find what paired well together. I'm not good at that so I just sampled all the cheese and then picked fruit and breads that looked good

Learning how to make Mozzarella cheese from Dominic
Use 2 gallons of milk (doubling the batch) whole milk or 2% but nothing less

Bring it up to temperature on the stove

Stir a lot so it doesnt scorch. Stir up and down and in circles too

Add Rennet and Citric Acid (comes in the kit that you can get on Amazon for $30 or less)

And then....well, the world will never know. Just kidding. Tony & I had to leave but the rest of the process of making this kind of cheese sounds really cool. Maybe I will get the kit for Tony for his birthday & then document what happens next??

I tried to get on the wifi and saw "Pretty Fly for A Wifi" 
haha - so fantastic!

Tony trying out 2 kinds of cheese on one piece of bread. Fancy!

Before we left we tried goat cheese. Looks like caramel and it actually tastes like caramel apple a bit when paired with...apples. Haha. I am so glad I got to try this one before we left. I did not like the cheese so much on its own but with apple it was pretty yummy!


Rachael SparkFire said...

I am definitely a sucker for everything that has to do with cheese. I want to eat all of this! :)

lj said...

We've had a cheese party before, but we definitely need to have people bring some with them next time. Looks like fun!

Justin Knight said...

What a great idea! The Missus and I want to have a cheese party this weekend! Yum!
Justin Knight- Writing Pad Dad
Writing Pad Dad Blog

marissa | Rae Gun Ramblings said...

um this is awesome I so want to have a cheese party

Amy @ The Happy Scraps said...

Looks like a fun party. I would have never thought to have a party all about cheese. Fun!

Amber Brady said...

I would love to go to a cheese party like that! How fun!

Quilting Nonnie said...

What a fun party! Very cute how everything was set up. I'm not that good with cutsie stuff or parties. I did a great job on the kids birthday parties though!

Rachel said...

What a fun idea! I totally want to do this. I've never made my own cheese but my dad grew up on a diary farm, so you think I'd know something...