Friday, May 3, 2013

Archibald's Restaurant Review

 I've been wanting to try this restaurant at Gardner Village for awhile and we finally made it happen! Last Friday for date night we drove over there , I had found a coupon in my email ($10 off $30) so we decided to take advantage of using it. 

We started with dessert first. $1.99 for a slice of strawberry pie and
 99 cents to add the ice cream

Mozzarella sticks with dipping sauce. I think this was $7.99

My stir fry with rice - teriayki flavor - so delicious! $9.99

Tony got country fried steak. He let me eat his veggies :) $9.99

Our waitress said the specials were 2 certain things which were both about $21. Odd to me, I thought a "special" menu item would be a lot less! The most expensive thing on the menu was $18.99 so it was odd to both Tony & I that a special would cost more than any menu item. 

Anyways. Our food was delicious and I hope we get to eat here again! I definitley want to go back.
Located:  1100 W 7800 S  West Jordan, UT 84084 Website

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