Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hot Pots

I never knew what these were or even heard of these "hot pots" until Tony's cousin MarRissa called us up a couple weeks ago on a Saturday & asked if we wanted to go. Basically its like going to the hot springs. She knew of some in Saratoga Springs so she gave us directions and we met her & 2 of her friends there. I  was not sure what to think of it at first so I brought my water shoes. I'm glad I wore them. It is basically a big mud pit in the ground full of very warm-hot water bubbling up from the earth. I just kept telling myself over and over that it was a spa treatment and tried not to think about if the water was hot enough to kill germs or not. We parked in a parking lot and walked to the hot pot, it took...maybe 10 minutes. The weather outside was perfect, a little chilly at first but not bad. We found a log to sit on and just hung out & chatted in the water. Eventually more people started coming so we decided to head out. I think we were in the water for an hour or longer.

 I brought our waterproof camera and we got a few pictures which was so hard to do because you have to just kind of aim where you thing the people's faces are and take the picture. It was also steamy so that made the pictures not come out super clear.

Awkward faces in the flash of the camera. Haha!

Our clothes were pretty dirty when we got out so once our suits and shoes dried, we shook them out and then washed them.  It was pretty fun to go and I would not mind going again. 

Have you ever gone to a hot pot or hot springs?

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Sean and Deana said...

"Is this water sanitary? Looks questionable to me!" haha - Tarzan

Ya that sounds fun but also at the same time I would be like you and wondering if its clean or not. But I'm sure it felt great! I might try it sometime.