Sunday, April 7, 2013

Festival of Colors

This is my second year participating in this festival to welcome in spring down in Spanish Fork, UT. This year it was the day before Easter. Here are some fun pictures from the day!

We started out fairly clean and not too much chalk on our clothes 
Tony's cousin MarRissa (far right) and her friend Dulce. My friend Celeste (middle) was already there when we arrived so it was cool to have her hang out with us too!

We went up the stairs of the temple to look out over everyone below.
Quite a bit of people there! We arrived about 10am

part of the Krishna temple

Tony got a spank! haha

The back of Celeste's neck looked really pretty from all the colors of chalk


This guy wanted to photo bomb my picture. Funny

Celeste & I with one of the performers before she had to go up on stage

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There was a crazy story that was told to go with this picture I took.
 I believe you can find the story here

Colorful feet!

Getting ready to head out and we found a nice person to take our picture

It was fun when we were walking back to the car to throw some chalk on people still all clean and white or on kids hanging out of car windows as they passed us by.

My face got pretty well covered

Funny sign I saw on our way out of Spanish Fork

Stopped by the Rio Tinto stadium to pick up tickets for the RSL soccer game that evening but it was standing room only so we grabbed rain checktickets for another game. 

Tony & I back at home.

He made crepes for me and MarRissa and Dulce. They were soo good. 
Too bad I did not take pictures of that! It was such a super fun morning & I'm glad we 
could have some friends go with us.

Have you ever gone to the festival of colors in Spanish Fork? There is another color festival happening the weekend of April 20th in Salt Lake City - I'll probably be going to that too!


Aim Cutler said...

I wanna try his creeps! Yes, I said creeps. That's what we call crepes. tehe. :)

Stacie said...

haha! That's so funny. We'll have to figure out a time to do that..maybe Rocky can bring some Peruvian food over too and we can stuff ourselves like fat lards. Lol!!

Brittney said...

OK so I really want to know more about this festival of colors thing... looks way awesome fun!!! Do we have one here???