Monday, March 25, 2013

Spark! Mesa Festival of Creativity

My friend Jennifer told me about this cool arts festival going on in Mesa and it so happened to be the Saturday I was in town. Score! I picked up my friend Catt and we met Jennifer and her friends at the Mesa Arts Center around 2pm.

Catt & I found a fireman so cute he couldnt show us his face. Haha

I expected to see a lot more sidewalk chalk art but this is all there was.
Still cool to watch for a few minutes though

The process

Such a nice day, the kids were playing in the water

The trees had sweaters (thanks to Jennifer for taking this picture!)

Lego building event. So fun to watch a little of that

This is what people were working to build

 so funny again when I saw more trees with sweaters

Then we got involved in a project that involved painting cardboard tubes.

My friend Catt in the red shirt working on her creation


Click to make this collage bigger. Super interesting to see what different people did to come up with fun ways to cut out and paint their cardboard. Of course I did an owl ;-)

The finished products side by side. I really like the way Catt's tree with the flower garden around it turned out.

More art :)

The beginnings of a tea party...these people moved really slowly - 
interesting to watch

awesome bird lady - had to take a pic!

Got to see Squonk Opera perform. They were very entertaining!

Check them out some more here.
It was a great way to end the afternoon.

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