Thursday, March 14, 2013


I left Tuesday night with my friend Celeste and new friend Brooke for an adventure in Arizona. We left about 6:20 from Midvale, UT - only 20 min later than I planned on - and drove and drove and drove all the way to  Phoenix and arrived about 5am. I think I fell asleep around 6am and had to get up for work at 730 so I could be in by 8. Ahhh so busy! 

But, the weather has been perfect.
It's the first time this year I have been able to wear summer clothes.
I heart this.

I worked out of the office but accidentally left an hour early because I was looking at the clock on my laptop which was somehow still on Utah time. Oh no! I was part way out to Maricopa to meet up with friends when I realized I had left work too early. Oops! Nobody said anything! haha...I guess I was more tired than I thought?

Ate at Native New Yorker for dinner. These chicken bites are so good, with pineapple teriakyi sauce and ranch. Mmm

Then we went across the street to Yogurt Jungle. 
I loved the decor, even a painted ceiling to look like the sky.

Got banana, strawberry, vanilla and pineapple down in there with gummy bears, those little green bead things with juice inside, strawberries and marshmallows (stale, sad). 

 Maricopa has a sweet movie theater now AND a bowling alley + new little stores coming soon. Julie and Dallin took me to go see it. Very nice!

Julie & I before I headed to Mesa to drop something off to someone. Love her and her little family. Thank you so much for dinner and for hanging out with me last night. And all the cherry stuff!! ;-)

See? So cute cute cute! 
And before anyone jumps to conclusions I've been collecting cherry baby clothes since I was a teenager. So just because I got a bunch from my friend (luckily all the ones she gave me I didnt have yet!) does not mean anything. No plans on getting pregnant for a long time. Rumors halted!


Sean and Deana said...

Yay! Arizona is the best :) Hope to see you while youre down here.

Stacie said...

YES! I hope to see you guys too, that would be really fun

Rachael SparkFire said...

I loved reading about your little road trip!

I am so excited to follow your fun little site via GFC

I hope you follow back so we can stay in touch xoxo

lj said...

You always do so much on your trips! And collecting baby clothes is totally normal, right? Right?