Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Friday in Arizona

Friday was a better day even though I was very sad that it was my last day being able to work out of the office. It's so chill and relax and I enjoy talking to my co-workers & listening to what is going on. I like helping Melinda with the orders, I've really missed that!

Enjoying the sun and being able to wear short sleeves

After work I went over to Tricia's house. She used to work at BMI but we've kept in touch since she's been gone. She is so much fun and I love talking to her, helping her with her iphone or computer and just hanging out. She invited me over for dinner and to help her with her computer but the electricity had been out for awhile before I came so we ended up only having dinner instead of me helping with her computer. But! I got to meet her new husband and help figure out some things for him on his phone so at least my visit wasnt a complete waste. Haha.

Her backyard is so beautiful! 
I love the grass growing in between the cement

A fireplace in the backyard. 
I know , it's Arizona, but so cool anyways!

My camera didnt pick up the sunset so well but it was really pretty

She made ham-steak I think it was called, fresh green beans and mashed potatoes with gravy. Since it was Pie Day , I got a little pie but took that with me to eat later. So so happy to have a home-cooked meal instead of eating fast food. 

Then I headed over to my friend Hillary's apartment to film a Harlem Shake video. This is me and my friend Mark H. Cant wait to get the video done and posted.

Then my friend Catt (pictured above) and I and her boyfriend Jason headed out to Tempe Marketplace to hear a band perform. My friend Jennifer had invited me so we met up with her out there. This picture is funny because one of the band members jumped off the stage while we were taking a picture and ran over to photo bomb us. So funny!

Me & Jennifer

Jennifer & I went the band, "1967"

Jennifer and I walked around and talked after the band had finished performing, Catt & Jason had left and so we were just catching up. Then a crazy story happened. Basically she wanted someone to take our pictures and she asked a guy sitting a little bit away from us and he talked to us for at least an hour or so , saying he had a spiritual gift from God and that he could tell us things in the future but only if they were positive and only if we really wanted to know. I'll probably blog the details on my private blog but was pretty crazy. Like seriously. I felt like I was in a movie or dreaming or something. It was soo weird but interesting.

I finally got to where I was staying with my friends Jill & Seth in Phoenix probably around 12:30 at night. Up early and to bed late...that's how things seemed to work out on this Arizona trip :)


Lindsay said...

Gaaah--now I have to know what the guy said!

Stacie said...

I'll be sure to copy and paste it to you when I get it written up. Trying to remember it as best I can!

Sean and Deana said...

That back yard looks amazing! Arizona is is pretty wonderful. Sad you had to leave. Hope to see you next time youre down :)