Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Although it is nice to work from home at the moment, I do miss driving to work in Chandler Monday-Friday. The picture above shows what exit I get off on. Usually there is not bad traffic to get to work (once I got off the 60) and I appreciated that.

Thursday I worked all day and was supposed to go to Red Robin with some friends to celebrate a birthday but my boss kept me at work until at least 6pm so those plans went out the window. We had a good discussion though and basically he is going to slowly start putting me on commission. If I dont make anything these next 6 weeks then he will pay me hourly but less and less each week. Then its up to me whether or not to find another job. He thought changing what I was doing (to make more phone calls) would bring in interest = demos = purchases = money but it hasnt so he does not know what to do with me and I'm not sure what I can do differently. I'm very sad about this, I've loved working at this job for many reasons and it makes me depressed (not the right word but I didnt want to use "sad" again) that it might be time to move on. I'm working as hard as I can these next few weeks to bring in demos and if it doesnt happen I'll be looking for something else. So if you know of any computer/desk type jobs in Utah around the Sandy/Midvale area, feel free to let me know. Guess I need to keep my options open.

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