Sunday, February 10, 2013

Preparedness Fair

There was a preparedness fair in South Jordan that I went to with Tony a few weeks ago at a school.

Food Storage Made Easy had a display set up.

These water storage containers were cool. I was hoping that they would hold a bed up but they are not sturdy enough for that. Watch for them to be sold in stores locally soon. We sat in this class about storing water and it was a little confusing but very interesting on the many different ways there are to filter and store water. 

A guy with his generator. This is something that I'd like to add to our preparedness stuff but they seem very expensive.

Another booth that was there.

I feel like there were a few people who got a little bit too up in my face telling me information about what they were there selling and I did not care for that. Other than that the fair was pretty interesting and it was neat to walk around and see what kinds of preparedness items are out there. The latest and greatest. Hope to attend another one of these again sometime.

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