Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Festival of Trees!!

First time ever checking out this local event that raises money for the Primary Children's Medical Center. Over 700 decorated Christmas trees, plus gingerbread houses, quilts, wreathes, oh my!

Get ready for a picture overload! Quality of the pictures is just my cell phone so some are not the best.

It was super crowded maybe because the next day (Saturday) was the last day.

Micky Mouse tree

"That was easy!"  Haha, Staples tree

Cool ornaments here...I think this was a popcorn star

so. much. pink!

Tree with combs all over it. Even the decoration on top!

Tree made out of strips of green soda bottles I believe

Tree with Justin Bieber tickets!

Candyland theme tree!

Chocolate tree with giftcards on it to chocolate stuff

Took this picture for Linda in CA - total Coke tree and set up! with! a year supply of Coke products!

Grinch tree

Mixing holidays? Halloween Christmas tree!

Lego tree! Wow!

and all this went with it plus more I wasnt able to get in the picture

Origami tree - really cool!

License plate tree with references to skiing I think

Ice-cream cone tree with gift cards to Baskin Robbins on it

Alice in Wonderland theme tree

Bulbs with flags painted on them

Wizard of Oz theme tree! So creative

Interesting tree

See below for the tree

Very creative too!

A panda tree - squee!

I know there is a TON of pictures here so here's a little break from the trees to see a few pictures of the gingerbread houses...

Gingerbread house - so much detail!


Back to the trees!

Mickey tree, neat to see Mickey through the years

 Ah and there was an owl tree. Yes yes yes :)

Sock monkey tree. Haha!

Pinecone tree topper

Winnie the Pooh themed tree

This was one of my favorite trees and I might or might not have shed tears that it was sold

Haha this made me laugh!

Cool globes made in to snowmen

Sock animal tree!

Tree made from different kinds of soda cans

Mustache tree, even the tree skirt had mustaches on it!

Upside down tree. Wow , this was for reals!

Had to document this. Only in Utah....

Wooden tree - very interesting!

Looking forward to making this a tradition!


Laura said...

Wow, tons of pictures and I know that is just a sampling of the trees that were there...definitely a must see if someone is visiting Utah while this event is going on! I hear their scones were really good too ;)

lj said...

Those are so cool! Do people bid on the trees?

Stacie said...

Yes! People bid on the trees but I am not sure when as most said "sold" when we got there. Quite a few went for over $1000+!