Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dickeys BBQ Pit

We had gone to Gardner Village to walk around the shops and so I could use some coupons from the blogger night out + eat at a restaurant there called Archibald's. By the time we went in there we were told it was as 40 minute wait :( so we decided to go somewhere else to eat and try Archibald's another time. Driving around town trying to decide where to go, found out that Fuddruckers closed down. Sad day! So we ended up at Dickeys BBQ, a place we have never tried before. Tony loves BBQ though so he convinced me to have it for dinner. I'm not a huge fan of the smoke flavor I guess.

We didnt have a coupon this time but Tony got 2 meats and 2 sides. 

I got turkey breast and 2 sides of mashed potatoes and salad. They came in small cardboard style cups.  My meal came with a roll as well (so did Tony's). The roll was SO good that I stole his away when he went up to fill my drink.  I gave it back to him later..well, part of the roll ;-) since my meal was on their 'deal of the day' it came with a drink.  Everyone gets complimentary ice-cream cones so we made an orange float with their soda and ice cream. 

Tony didnt care for the place that much and neither did I (food-wise mostly for me) but their rolls are so worth going back for. And another orange float. I think if we go again we will share 1 meal and call it good. I guess it is priced $7-10+ depending on what you get. Their website with a menu can be found here

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