Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Learning & Service

So for over a week I've been super stoked and excited to meet at the Cricut HQ Tues evening to learn more about the Cricut Mini machine and how to use it. We were going to have a mini class and do a craft. What started out as just a learning and craft night turned in to a service project which I feel so great to have been able to participate in.

My friend Cobi has a friend who is somehow related to one of the children involved in the school shooting in CT last week. Emilie Parker and her family moved to CT from Ogden, UT. The funeral is this weekend and Cobi's friend was asked to help with the decorations. Cobi knew that some of us were going to be at the Cricut HQ tonight and asked Nathan, who works at Cricut , if we could help with this project. Definitely yes!

Started out with lots of foam balls, shades of pink paper and pins and most importantly...

Cricut machines! 6 of them to be exact, ready to work

The Cricut machines cut hundreds of pink flowers. My job was to stick a pin through 2 of them then bend up the petals of the top flower and stick it in to the foam ball,

Like this!

Here's a close up. They turned out cute and I was able to get pretty fast at putting the flowers together

Here is everyone working, alongside fellow bloggers with our pizza , cookies and real Coke! lol. Linda S. in Woodland would be so proud I drank some Coke tonight. Possibly. Haha

 So pretty!

I feel so honored and blessed to be able to serve in some small way to this whole situation.
Interesting how life happens.

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lj said...

Those flower balls are great. That's so cool you could do something to help one of the victims.