Thursday, October 4, 2012

Taste of the Valley

Since I'm on a roll with catching up on blog posts, here is something really fun Tony & I did on July in Provo at "Shops At the Riverwoods" called "Taste of the Valley". It was $10 to get "in" even though the event was outside. We got bracelets and the vendors there giving out food knew we were participating in the event. Ahhh there was so much good food and I got full fairly fast! It was so super fun even though it got pretty hot outside. Sadness than none of my friends ended up going. At least, not that I know of. 

There were people playing music on the stage. I think they rotated every hour or so.

Started with a free donut from Krispy Kreme

In my hand I am holding a paper that we got a whole punch in each booth we visited. Good way to keep track of who we had been to and who we hadnt. 

Food from California Pizza Kitchen - it was salad...funny that it was not pizza

Enjoying some food from Shoots. Yum!

Pineapple & drink from Tucanos!

Pizza from Malawi Pizza

Tony enjoyed the pizza

Shade was valued as the morning progressed

Some fancy food...

The food below was from Black Sheep

Food from Rumbi Island - one of my favorites

Interesting taste in this sandwich - I believe it was from Marley's Gourmet Sliders. Unfortunately their website isnt working or maybe they dont have one because the link on the Shops at the Riverwoods page didnt work

Fro-Yo (Menchies) on the right and Chef's Table on the left

 Finished off with Goodwood - they gave us each a huge plate of food! Took it home to eat because I was stuffed

See?! SO MUCH food!

Can't wait to go to this again next year.


Sean and Deana said...

Free food is one of my favorite kind of activies to go to! That all looks so delish! Looks like you had a fun time :)

lj said...

Girl, you're always getting free food. Good for you!

Unknown said...

I wonder if they do something like this in SLC, looks like fun!

Stacie said...

They do it at the State Fair in SLC every year. Also in Sandy they did one a few weeks ago but it was pretty small. Sub Zero & Sweet Tomatoes were there though! There are probably more but you'd have to Google it to find out when/where they happen I guess