Monday, September 17, 2012

Gardner Village Blogger Meetup

Ahhh omgoodness. This was such a freekin' AMAZING night at Gardner Village! I cant believe I've never been here before yet it is only about 10 min. from where I live. It was even better that my sister Laura could join me! She is going to hate me for posting a certain picture but I have to document everything! 

We started out with some yummy food at Archibald's Restaurant. There was fried green tomatoes which I regret not trying now and something else covered in fried batter. I just took some spinach dip I guess it was? and tortilla chips. Man, the dip was SO good I wish I had had time to sit and eat more. The card on the left listed all the shops we had to get to and we had about 2 hours to get them all visited so we could enter the drawing at 8pm!

Dont we look so good with mustaches?! Haha. This was what we had to do at our first stop! Funny

Interesting outfits here, I liked the bright colors and the lace

I really liked the purse bags paired with these dresses

Fun skirt, great colors, reminded me of Halloween

So much attention to detail and decoration!

picked up this super cute owl! soft!

I thought this pumpkin was neatly done!

Owl costume on this little Kewpie doll

Creepy book cover and title - reminded me of a Twilight Zone episode

So many Raggedy Ann's & Andy's

This room was shades of teal. So fun!

I liked this outfit, esp the shirt underneath the tank top

Loved this necklace!

Candy - Sixlets at Sweet Afton's. They even had silver and gold!
We got to sample a piece of fudge here. I had the chocolate orange one - oh yes, super sweet but the flavor was perfect. A sliver of a slice was just enough.

"Beware" , said the owl

Took this picture for Tony ;-)

Orange roll from Naborhood Bakery. Omygoodness. It was so light and fluffy.
 I wanted more!

To die for! Loved this owl pillow! They were only $15 I think

This sign was super cute, would look nice in a movie room

Captured a little of the beautiful sunset that evening

We finished with about 10 minutes to spare!

a table full of prizes! $350 purse, a bike!  gift cards, gifts from the stores at Gardner Village and more!

Chocolate fountain! There were marshmallows, strawberries, pineapple, bananas, rice krispie squares , cinnamon bears and more. It was insanely delightful as you can tell from my excited face below!

Us bloggers with our green swag bags that we filled up with goodies from each store. So fantastic!

Lucinda the witch!

Great costume and makeup!

Announcing the winners of all the prizes on the table!

Laura's name got called! They couldnt pronounce her last name so she had to help them out a bit

My name got called too but Laura wasn't able to get a picture. 
I won a $50 gift card

Laura with her sweet Halloween decoration prize that she won

The next day at home I laid out everything I had acquired in my green bag on our kitchen table. Does anyone want to buy a monitor? Haha. Wow, I was again impressed with the generosity of the shop owners we visited at Gardner Village!

What I won! $50 gift card to The Black Goose Design
In the bag were some delicious chocolate mint truffles , a chalk ink pen and some little chalkboard stands.

It was an excellent evening and I appreciate so much the blogger community here. It was fun to put some names with faces and talk to some new friends. Def. looking forward to the next blogger event!

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Utah Sweet Savings said...

It was such a blast! I'm so glad that you came.

P/S: I need a monitor. ;)