Monday, July 30, 2012

Racing & Tricks

Tony and I out at the Rocky Mountain Raceway before the Piano Guys concert to watch the oval track

Thanks to our Pass of All Passes we get to go out to the RMR at least 10 times to watch events. So far we have watched Motocross, then the oval track and drag racing.

For intermission they brought out tiny cars with kids in them. Pretty cute 

They just rode around in a small area

This past Saturday Tony & I were going to lunch and passed our gym parking lot and noticed a bunch of motorcycles and boothes set up. So after we ate we drove back by and parked. We walked around the boothes, there was a raffle you could enter, people selling food, a band and a bunch of motorcycles. They were so cool! A couple guys went to a different part of the parking lot and showed off with some neat tricks.

Very impressive

Check out my video of some really cool vehicles racing including 
a semi and 2 cars with jet engines!

They let us walk out on the drag race strip after the races were done. SO STICKY! I almost got stuck and could have left my flip flops behind but luckily they made it off safely with me. It was so funny - I should have made a movie but the lighting was not so great.

A nice guy offered to take a picture for us on the track.
Going out to the raceway is really fun and I'm glad its included on our passes!

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