Friday, June 1, 2012

Box Death Hollow

We went to our next destination and waiting for Scott, Park and Austin to catch up with us. Tony & I were riding with Scott's sister, Sara. She was really nice and fun to talk to. She actually drove up from Mesa, AZ to hang out with us for the weekend!

              Escalante Nat'l Park Visitors Center

We took a little hike and Tony & I went one way and everyone else went another way. Our way ended up leading to pretty much no where so we stopped and turned back around. 

I found a cool heart shaped rock

The rocks were so tall above us
Neat bridge made from driftwood. I was going to crawl underneath but my ankle was bothering me (I did something to it in Bryce Canyon) so I opted to just take a picture of it

Cool swirly log!

Pretty little white flowers

One rock holding up another rock

So pretty and peaceful. This is where we stuck our feet in the water (so cold!) while we waited for the others to meet back up with us

I found some bamboo growing!

Cactus isnt only found in Arizona

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