Thursday, June 14, 2012

Some K'Rico Peru!

 A couple weeks ago I was going to meet my friend Aimee at KRico Peru. Tony & I got there before she did and we saw my friend Tytus there with his family! They were in town from CA for some family stuff and I was so surprised to see them. We managed to get a couple pictures together before they headed to their next destination. Tytus and I used to work together in CA at Gemini Bio-Products. Woot!

Standing outside the restaurant. 
It was really bright outside and the sun was kind of in our eyes.

Normally I order Lomo Saltado but this time I got it a little bit different. Instead of rice and fries, it came on a bed of noodles and yellow sauce that is a little bit spicy but not much. It was too good! 

If any of my Utah friends reading this want to go eat with Tony & I at K'Rico sometime, totally let me know! They have a location in SLC as well as Sandy but we like to go to the one in SLC.

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