Sunday, June 3, 2012

See My Garden Grow

I meant to do this post for awhile now and it's finally happening! Taking a quick break from my weekend in southern Utah but dont worry, I wont forget to blog about The Wave!

Here is what we started with. The picture above is our front yard. The only space we have to call our own is right underneath our downstairs window. The landlords put in bark and the weeds came on their own. They got bigger and bigger and every week I wished the yard guys would whack them down but they never did!

Looking terrible.
We ended up pulling them out ourselves. Or maybe Tony just did the work and I helped carry the weeds to the dumpster out back.

Tony wanted a Topsy Turvy so much so he got one for pretty cheap at Smiths (it was on sale) I bought the black hanger thing, originally for something else but we ended up hanging his project on it because there was no other way to hang it. (We tried).  

Inside he put a few strawberry plants, a chocolate mint plant he bought for me for Mother's Day,  basil, and I'm not sure what else. So far it is doing okay but he had to stick a bamboo stick I have, down through the middle to make sure the water was getting to all the plants.  Sometimes the strawberry one looks dried out, not sure why, but for now everything in it is thriving. 

These are 2 tomato plants and in the big pot are some snapdragon flowers and strawberry plants.
On the front step in the right hand corner of the picture is my lambs ear! We had it in the front yard growing up when I lived in CA and after many attempts to find it here in Utah I was finally successful. I love rubbing the softness of the leaves between my fingers.

We scraped away the bark, turned up the dirt and Tony planted some herbs , stevia, mint and parsley

My mom got me these flowers and I bought small teal pots yesterday and replanted them this morning after church. I hope they do well in there. I dont know if they will need a bigger pot or not.

Also this morning I planted another tomato plant.  We took trips to 2 different Walmarts and neither one had tomato cages! So very strange. Will have to try again this week but I dont think the plant needs a cage yet. I think it'd be a good idea though so it doesnt get stepped on by neighborhood kids. 

Those milk jugs in the bottom right hand corner are how we have to water our garden.

Here's a shot looking past the tomato plants. I sprinkled the rest of the soil we got in the middle garden bed. I didnt have quite enough to cover all the dirt but I think it looks somewhat better. I might smooth it out tomorrow.

Since my cucumber plant got crunched by someone's foot (grr) I bought another one, bigger this time, at Walmart and I hope it survives. I planted that this morning as well.

So there you have it, so glad I convinced Tony that we should do more than just a couple tomato plants. I cant wait to watch things grow.


A said...

Home depot had tomato cages. The on 90 th and redwood. They were even colored. Just an FYI. :)

Sean and Deana said...

Your garden looks great! Good work. I wish we had a garden. You two are always up to something fun :)

Stacie said...

Aimee - I will check there maybe. We got our other 2 cages at Smiths. Weird to me that Walmart doesnt seem to carry them.

Deana - Aw, thanks! I sure wish we had a bigger spot for a garden, I mean, I planted pumpkins and melon and I'm not sure where/how they are going to do as they get bigger but fingers crossed it all works out