Sunday, June 3, 2012

Posey Lake

Sara Jarvie took this picture of Tony & I. I really like how it turned out!

A quick stop on our way to Devil's Backbone before we headed back to Bryce Canyon for dinner and to get pictures of the sunset. 

I wondered if there were beavers in there

weird algae type stuff in the water. Glad I wasnt swimming in this lake!

The cars were waiting for us :)

 Dead fish. It was the only fish we saw that day.

It was very pretty here

Sara Jarvie took this picture of me at the lake. 
My camping face ;-)

All of us at the lake. Tony and I, Sarah and her brother Scott, Parker and Austin
Fun group to travel with! Sara got this picture with her camera as well.

Continuing our drive to Devil's Backbone


Wendys Hat said...

Looks like a fun time! Great scenery! Hey I know Scott Jarvie too. I met him last year on a photo walk for Google+ at Death Valley. I also did a photo walk with him in Vegas. Super nice and talented guy!

Stacie said...

Whoah ! That is super awesome that you know him too! I heard him speak at the social exchange event a few months ago then added him as a friend on Google+ and FB. When we were trying to find someone to use our extra tickets, I thought of Scott and even though we had never met, I messaged him and it went from there. He is doing some big photo walk/event this fall here in UT. It sounds pretty cool. Yea he is way nice and insanely talented.