Monday, June 18, 2012

Hoxsie Family Camping Weekend

Late Friday night..more like about 1:30am Saturday morning, we arrived at our camping spot after leaving SLC around 7:30pm. We def. got a later start than we had planned but it's okay.  We werent sure which tent was ours so luckily we had brought one that Tony quickly set up and around 2am we were falling asleep. I was cold part of the night and was so glad I had brought an extra blanket!

The next day it was pointed out to us which tent was ours. Hard to tell in the dark of the night but it was the only tent set up at the campsite! Everyone else was sleeping in a camper. I loved this tent. You could almost stand up in it, it had a 'front room' to put shoes and whatever else and inside the main room of the tent was my favorite kind of blow up mattress, the really thick kind. Ooh la la! Thank you to Shauna and Eddie for setting this up for us and letting us borrow it for the weekend. Much appreciated!

Our camping spot was by this cool, shallow and somewhat fast moving stream. It was kind of loud and I only dipped my toe in it on Sunday morning. Chilly!

Saturday morning after breakfast we headed in to Idaho City, about 10 miles away , 
to do some exploring.

This was at the Visitor's Center. A nice pond with a water fountain, shade, picnic tables, maps and information.

This lady...and Tony called the round circle on her chest 'cancer'. There was another lady statue like this in town but I didnt get a picture of it.

Found a bear and I rode him like a horse!

This shop I was so excited to see because there was so much to see and the story behind the shop is interesting.

Apparently this couple had an antique store but didnt want to sell anything so they closed it down but kept collecting stuff. 

And wow, did they collect stuff! Do you see the creepy face in the window above?
They eventually moved to Boise and this place is all closed up but people can come walk around and see what is on the outside and peek in the dusty windows to see what treasures are inside.

It was so intriguing and I would have taken more pictures ( I took about 40 though of just this shop! ) and stayed longer to look at it but it was getting pretty hot outside. 

A neat tree stump that marked different events in history. The close-up on the right is the Declaration of Independence

Back at camp we played some games, Tony & I watched Burn Notice on his laptop until it died and then we got to have dinner. Tony's parents were in charge that evening and it was kabobs! One of my FAVORITES how did they know!? I made 2 to eat and then helped make more with the extra ingredients. So hard to wait for them to cook but so delicious once they were done!

There was also fresh cut watermelon!

 & corn on the cob which I got too full for, darn it!

This is a picture of our campfire in the daytime..I think it was started around dinnertime. Sadly I was too full after dinner to even think much about having s'mores! We headed to bed around 10:30 because we were tired from the long drive the night before and getting in so late at night/early in the morning.

The next morning it was our turn to provide breakfast and Tony found this great idea online to make omelettes in a bag. So he bought the ingredients, we each made our own and they turned out really fantastic! Def. an option we will use next time we go camping. We had green peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese, sausage and Tony's brother Austin added some other meat to his that they had.

 Tony made everyone hashbrowns. So delicious! I'm not used to camping with trailers, having access to a BBQ , microwave , stove and griddle to use. Spoiled for sure! The food is good when Tony and I go camping but wow, food this weekend while camping with his family was even better I think!

I didn't get pictures of the peach cobbler and cherry cobbler that Wendy made. Someone bought vanilla ice-cream and we had that for dessert on Saturday night. So good! This is why I had no room for s'mores. 

 Tony also brought 2 fresh pineapples from Winco (only 99 cents!) and made us grilled pineapple. These turned out a lot better than when we tried to make it on the stove at home. I would have eaten more but I could barely finish my omelette

Packing up to go and the truck Austin had, the battery went dead so his brother Eddie was able to pull him out from where he was parked and give him a jump start.

We took a group picture (which I dont have a copy of yet) and headed out. Tony & I went to Meridian to visit my parents for Father's Day and everyone else went home to where they live in Idaho.

Super fun weekend, I'm glad Tony & I could go. I'm also not used to a camping trip with no hiking...we did pick up a couple hiking trail papers in the Visitors Center in Idaho City but ended up not using them. Maybe next time!


Sean and Deana said...

Such fancy camping! That food looks and sounds delish. I'm glad you had such a fun time. We are going camping with my family next weekend. How did you make those omelettes? I would love to make them on our trip.

Stacie said... Here's a link that explains how to do it. I will msg it to you via FB as well. Do not use regular ziploc bags but the kind that can be microwaved. They were $2-something for a box of 10 at Walmart. Ours were in a pot of boiling water for about 15 min and when you hold the bag up and tip it on different sides, if it is not runny anymore, then you know its done.

Wendys Hat said...

There is nothing better than fresh camping air! Looks like a fun trip and that pineapple looks delicious!