Friday, June 1, 2012

 Sunday morning before going to The Wave, we stopped to go on a hike. It was a short walk that leads to a slot canyon. I love slot canyons, I just think they are so cool It was pretty nice outside and the  company was great!

Starting out...Tony & I with Austin and Parker in the background

 My shot of the sun through a tree

Some scenery along the way

 We followed this stream of water. Sometimes walking in it , sometimes walking around it

Cool rock

Stopped for a Kodak moment

I dont know what this stuff on the ground was. It was kind of fuzzy but I dont think it was mold

That tiny plant was growing out of this rock. Amazing

Walked around or through water sometimes

A view of the slot canyon with a bit of enhanced colors

Crazy pic taken by Scott Jarvie

Nice pic taken by Scott Jarvie

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