Thursday, June 14, 2012

Alex Boye' Movie "Frontman" Preview

I follow the Deseret Bookstore page on Facebook and saw that they had an event happening with one of my favorite LDS artists, Alex Boye'. You could request up to 4 tickets (free) to go see him perform and premiere his new movie at the Megaplex Theater. That theater is literally 5 minutes from where I live and so I requested 4 tickets, invited 3 friends (thanks Laura, Lindsay and Alice for coming!) and I could hardly wait for Tues night to come!

 Laura and Riley waiting in line to get in to the theater. Lindsay was far ahead of us in the line, 10 people or less  from the front of the line and she saved us seats once we got in to the theater. 

 We sat in the very top row. Here is a picture of Alex getting ready to perform for us. He sang a few songs, a couple of them being "Calling America" and "Paradise (Peponi)" with the music video of him and The Piano Guys playing on the screen behind him. It was too freekin' cool! Loved it! 

Then the movie started. Totally loved it, so much that I ordered it already at Best Buy online but sadly it's on backorder so I am not sure when it will come. It was truly amazing to see the hand of God work in his life. I wish I could see my life like that. Maybe if someone made a movie about me...jk. 

Bought one of his CDs afterwards that I didnt have, had him sign a different CD that I brought + Alice, Celeste and I got a picture with him afterwards. Unfortunately the lady who took the picture on my phone camera was not tech savvy and moved the camera a bit before the picture got taken. Sigh. Well, you get the idea. Cool thing was that Alex totally remembered me! I've met him a few times in the past so we had a little conversation and he keeps up with me on my Facebook page. Wow. Didnt know he did that! So that was pretty neat and it was so fun to see him again and talk as it had been a few years probably since I'd seem him face-to-face. Definitely a memorable night and I'm so glad I got to go!

The CD Alex signed for me. It says,
"Stayce - Thanks for being here - meant a lot to me".
Super coolio.

The CD I bought. It'll get signed another time :)

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