Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Heart Bryce Canyon

This is a major reason why we went to Bryce Canyon. Fri, Sat and Sun evening over 20 people had telescopes set up in one of the parking lots. Got to view Saturn, Mars, Venus, Sombrero galaxy and more. SO AMAZING. I really regret my family getting rid of their big telescope we had growing up. It would be nice to have today! Saw more galaxies through the telescopes, some huge telescopes had really long waits in line! We werent supposed to use headlamps, flashlights or our cell phones to see where we were walking because they didnt want anyone to lose their 'night vision' so sadly I wasnt able to take note of everything we saw through the telescopes. It was super fun though despite the fact I was kind of cold and tired. 

 Its been at least 2 years I think since I was last in Bryce Canyon. I heart this place. It just looks so breathtaking and I could stare out at it forever.

 Wearing our Vibram shoes. They worked well minus the fact mine are 1 size too big and Tony's are 1 size too small. Lol

Really excited to hike Wall Street as last time I was here it was closed. This was Tony's 2nd time hiking it

Such pretty colors

 Standing on a log across a dry riverbed

 Double ASL 'loves'


 Cool trees

Ooh I love this picture 

The friends we were with wanted some sunset and night shots so while we were waiting for them to do that , Tony started dinner. We had chicken and rice with a Hawaiian sauce. SO DELISH or maybe it was the fact I was starving. No, but it really was good even though we got some looks and comments from people passing by. Haha!


TonyAndStacieWedding said...

Was the log really laying on the ground? I thought it was in the air spanning the dry river bed.

Stacie said...

Nope , the log was not laying on the ground. It was up in the air but maybe only about 5 ft. from the ground

The Gilberts said...

It looks like so much fun Stacie! :))) *jealous face* Chloe wouldn't last 5 minutes on that hike!