Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Little More Traveling

Sunday morning we checked out the hot springs which most of the pools were too hot to stand! or sit. The last pool we tried felt better and I wanted to stay and get my $7 worth but it was more for the experience rather than trying to get our money's worth.

Pretty area with some water

Then we headed past Pocatello to Massacre Rock State Park , which sadly was closed but there was a ranger there who agreed to let us in to the visitor's center which was very nice of him!  We walked around a bit there and got a map of some hikes in the area. Ended up doing the Old Oregon Trail Site.

We got to walk through a couple tunnels, they both went underneath the freeway

We should go this way

Trail Ruts from the covered wagons

 Another beautiful day and weather

 Then we headed just a few minutes away to Register Rock which was really cool to see
and a lot smaller than I thought it would be

Pioneers from the 1800's had carved their names in to the rock. Very neat to see and read

 Then we went to a Mongolian BBQ place in Chubbuck (teehehe at the name of the town)
We got started with some fried rice, soup and an egg roll

 Our food

 Took a scenic byway home and stopped at some historic points
 There were 73 steps I think. This is the view from the top looking down

 This is from the bottom looking up

 Family cemetery behind the hill we hiked up

 The scenic byway route

We finally found a Dairy Queen with no help of our GPS who lead us to one that was no longer there. So disappointing! Right before we got back on the freeway to head back to SLC I spied one attached to a gas station. They had a drive through and we both got our treats and headed home. Perfect ending to a perfect weekend with my perfect man :)

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Sean and Deana said...

Sounds like such a fun trip! Sean and I need to take a trip one of these days.