Tuesday, April 10, 2012

General Conference Weekend

Twice a year The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has a world-wide broadcast that can be attended in SLC, watched online at lds.org or watched on TV - usually the BYU or a local channel will carry it. When I lived in AZ or CA sometimes I'd roadtrip to Utah to attend conference in person. Most times I'd just watch it on TV. Now that I live in Utah and can get tickets from time to time, I love being on temple square to listen to the talks and sometimes run into people I know. This year Tony & I and our friend Mel attended the Saturday morning session , went to Nacho Libre for lunch, dropped Mel back off on Temple Square and on the way home we listened to it on the radio then watched it on the TV. Each session (2x/day) is 2 hours long. The prophet and his apostles plus guys in the Quorum of the 70 speak on various topics. 

 Mel, Me and Tony after the Saturday morning session
I saw the Hudsons afterwards and sat next to the Erickson's from the W2 ward! 
So exciting :)

Did some errands with Tony and then dropped him off again on Temple Square for the Priesthood session. I was supposed to do a GNO with some friends but they ended up not being available I guess so I washed my car and went to Kohls. It was lonely but productive.

Caught the last 30 minutes of the events at Deseret Book at the new City Creek mall in SLC. Stood in line for awhile to meet Stephanie Nielson and her 2 daughters. You can read her inspiring blog here . I was in awe of her and continue to be of her life and story that I could barely talk I was so excited and overcome with emotion (not the norm for me).  She signed my paper and I got a picture with them. Super cool. For those who are new to my blog, I was there the day the plane she was in went down in AZ. My friend Dil and I drove over to a huge column of smoke rising in to the sky with no idea of what had happened. Sat and watched the police/fire/ambulance activity for a bit and left, not knowing still what had happened. It was shortly afterwards, probably by watching the news, that I was introduced to who she is and have been following her blog ever since.

Tony came over from Temple Square right as I was getting up to Stephanie so he took the picture , then we walked around the mall a little bit and went to Ab's Drive In for dinner. Click the "I Love Food" tab at the top of my blog (under the banner). 

Anyways! I linked to all the conference talks below, feel free to click a link and take a read, watch , listen or download.


This picture was from Sunday afternoon. Heather (visiting from Reno) , my friend Alice (lives a few minutes away from me) and me! in the conference center after the session was over. Thanks to Tony for the picture.


The Gilberts said...

OH I am so jealous! I love Stephanie Nielson! Her story is amazing. :) Looks like a fun General Conference weekend!

The Rosenau's said...

I love your dress in the first picture! That's awesome that you got to meet stephanie nielson, i actually found her blog a year or so ago(?) through your blog and i read it pretty regularly!