Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Awful Waffle

I met up with some friends to check out a place I heard about recently called, "The Awful Waffle" in Provo. So after my Tuesday class I headed over and it was literally just a few minutes away from where I was at on the BYU campus. I missed the parking lot but parked right next door at the gas station. I didnt know what to expect for the location and food but was happily surprised.

Since there is no indoor seating this would be a great place to go eat waffles and crepes at in the summer. Colder months are good too, just dress warm and soon they will be offering hot chocolate. Here's what I ordered....

I wish I had been able to go in the daytime to get more pictures but hopefully seeing these pictures that my awesome friends took on their cell phones because mine was too dead, will give you a desire to check out The Awful Waffle, which really doesnt taste awful at all!

 I am soo excited about my crepe, I got strawberries and bananas inside with whipped cream on top. Everything was super tasty and the flavors together were terrific. Surprisingly it stayed warm through almost the whole time I was eating it despite how chilly it was outside.

So yum that I licked my plate clean as my friend photo-bombed me. Haha

 I was the only one who got a crepe, my other 3 friends got waffles with various toppings such as speculoos, chocolate sauce, whipped cream , berries and peanut butter  - just to name a few.

My friend got this waffle with vanilla ice cream from the Creamery and bananas, topped with speculoos and crushed oreos. It looked so good that next time I might try that one out!

If you are ever in Provo around BYU , go check it out and give a waffle or crepe a try! You can pick different types of batter for your waffle and even get a topping mixed in to the batter!

Location: 815 north 700 east, Provo, UT 84604

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