Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jon Schmidt Performance

If you don't know who Jon Schmidt is or seen his videos on YouTube - you definitely will want to check them out! He came and spoke at the Sandy Institute last night and this was the very first song (below) he played out of the 4 he performed that evening.

It was amazing to hear him perform and hear his words of encouragement to the young-single-adults there. His words applied to everyone though - married or not. Here are a few of the notes I took...
  • The Lord rewards persistence
  • Give heart to God and he'll keep you on the right path
  • God wont let us make many false steps
  • He doesn't want us to stand still, he wants us to move!
  • Be strict to remember the Lord every day (Alma 38:5)
  • If you trust God a little you will be delivered a little, if you trust God a lot you will be delivered a lot
  • If we care about it then God cares about it

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