Sunday, December 4, 2011

Idaho Thanksgiving

Was so blessed to be able to go to Idaho again this year for Thanksgiving. The weather there and back was MUCH better than last year. No snow! My sister Laura rode with Tony & I because at the last minute her husband had to stay to work at KRico. Sad! Tony put the car top carrier on my car which I bought at a swap meet and it was so helpful! I kept checking to make sure it didnt fall off along the way. It didnt. 

Stopped by to check on the "Occupy Best Buy" people (jk) and it was crazy that there was already a line on Wednesday, or who knows when it actually got started. More on this later.

Hailey playing on the ipod

Arrived at my parents house and Jeff and Evan were so kind to help us unload a few things from the car. Tried to sleep in on Thursday - Thanksgiving! - because we knew we would be up and out late. I missed the parade but woke up in time to eat with everyone and hang out.

After we ate, Tony left to go stand in line at Best Buy for the Asus tablet. He left around 3:30 and my sisters and my mom made some crafts from Pinterest...



also we made cards. Were supposed to do glitter nails but never really got around to it :-/ Next time!

After eating some pie and watching some movies with the family, Jeff dropped me off to join Tony in line at Best Buy. It wasnt super cold but then it started drizzling.  At least we had some cool guys to talk to while we waited in line. Then everyone put their chairs and tents away around 10 because Best Buy was supposed to start handing out tickets for items but they ended up not starting until 11. The item Tony wanted didnt get handed out until around 11:30!

 Waiting in line. He was about the 50th person and the line went way past him and wrapped around the back of the building. Some people tried to cut but we spoke up when the employees came by offering an item so that those people didnt get anything for cutting!

Sucess! Got a ticket for the Asus tablet. The 42" Sharp TV's for $199 went fast and we didnt get a ticket for one of those. Darn it.

Once they let us in to the store, Tony grabbed the Asus and a keyboard for it and we got in a pre-determined line.

Then I went to Ulta and we both went to Target and Walmart - I could have kept going if I'd had an energy drink. Next year! We went back to my parents house around 2pm to sleep for a few hours and then left again at 630 to hit up some more stores!

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