Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hot Air Balloons - NM Trip

This got saved in my draft folder, not sure why I never posted it? But here are some more pictures from the Hot Air Balloon festival in Albuquerque , NM 2011. Our first time going to this and I am so so glad we did! I heart hot air balloons and this was paradise. So. Many. Balloons!!

 National Anthem
 We met up with my friend Judy from Chandler, AZ ...didnt get any pictures with her :( but it was so awesome to see her and talk to her for a bit. She wasnt inflating her balloon that morning but she did on Sunday. She invited us to a balloonist breakfast where they give out awards and such, but sadly we were not able to attend due to a previous commitment , which in the end, fell through so it was a bummer but oh well.

 Balloon was pretty much right overhead!

 Huge Wells Fargo balloon

 So many balloons and the wind was pushing them all one direction which was, towards the sun

Josh and Adrianna (I know Adrianna from the mission in Portland, OR - they now live in Queen Creek, AZ) and their adorable kids, came also and we all met up!  It was super fun to see them and I was so excited to hang out with them throughout the day.

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