Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Pinterest Party

Taking a break from the NM trip to post about the party I had yesterday (Saturday) at my house. I decided a month or so ago that it would be sweet to have a Pinterest party (check out if you dont know what I'm talking about) and while I was gathering ideas for it, things seemed to fall into place and I decided 2 weeks before the 22nd that that'd be a good day to have it. Partly because it was not too close yet close enough to Halloween and Tony would be downtown in SLC anyways watching his Boise State game so I wouldnt have to kick him out of the house. I invited quite a few friends but in the end only a few could come. Its okay I guess, my place isnt super huge for a large gathering and we all ended up having a lot of fun! So here's some pictures from the big day ( I was so nervous & excited at the same time)

Labels for water bottles that I found by Googling actually and then I pinned them on my Pinterest board. I only have black ink in my printer and used regular tape but they turned out good!

Found this idea to decorate cups for drinks on Pinterest. So many googly eyes!

I'm not big into cooking/baking but Friday night Tony helped me make this candy corn bark (another idea) and it turned out yummy! I used Halloween Oreos (regular ones can be used too) , pretzel sticks, white chocolate and candy corn on top. Once it was left to set overnight, it was ready to eat in the afternoon at the party.

Made these pudding cups also but mine dont look quite as nice as theirs! I didnt mix in food coloring, I just used banana and butterscotch pudding and topped it with whipped cream.

 Many thanks to my friend Celeste for contributing a can of juice to mine for this tasty berry punch mixed with 7 Up. Thanks to my sister Laura for donating a couple of gloves from the restaurant and she made ice hands to use , giving it that Halloween feel - esp. when on the 2nd hand (pictured is the first) she broke one of the fingers off! haha. Tony had gotten 1-1/2 lbs of dry ice to use but when I went to get it out of the freezer, it had all melted (?) away! Guess we'll get more next time or get it right before the party.

 Table before....I have orange and chocolate candies in the jar on the left, orange taffy on the right as well as red and black licorice. The spiders were also an idea I found from Pinterest, easily made with a blow pop, black pipe cleaner and more googly eyes. I also have black and orange chips with salsa.

Table after more people brought treats. On the left there are fruit kabobs (strawberries, bananas, grapes and pineapple), n the front are chocolate covered pretzels that Laura bought, then mini candy corn sugar cookies that Lindsay brought - so good & from Pinterest and the caramel apples were made by my friend Debbie and were to die for! She brought one for everyone. Super nice!

 I've always wanted to do a cupcake bar because I love cupcakes! Laura made them and I provided red hots, candy corn, Halloween itty bitty sprinkles, frosting and gummy bears for the toppings. Tony helped me make the icing the night before (which I pinned to Pinterest because it turned out so good!)

 Craft time!

 Lindsay brought empty cans, cheesecloth, tacky glue and googly eyes so we could make these cute mummies you see above.

 Laura putting her mummy together
Nicole brought oranges and cloves for everyone to make a jack-o-lantern face and they smelled super after we were done. These are our mummies and oranges hanging out together.

By this time it was almost 5pm so we didnt have time to decorate pumpkins , but I found some fun ideas here:

(use ribbon instead of tape)

also I had everything to make these mummy pizzas:
but again, we ran out of time and there was already so much other food. I guess I sort of overdid it on the food but better to have too much than not enough I suppose.

Everyone got to take home a gift bag which had fun little things in it like a Halloween straw, stretchy spider, candies, mini B&BW hand sanitizer and these which I made
Mummy Hershy bars. I didnt have cheese cloth and could have used white tissue paper or crepe paper but instead I used fancy white/shiny leftover ribbon from our wedding. Worked out great!

Even though when Tony came home I was laying exhausted on the couch it was so worth it to throw this party and see some of my friends who live in UT now. Excited to plan and do another party with a Christmas theme!


Lady Ozma and Million Pillowcase Kid said...

Wow, that DOES look like a fun! What a really great way to have a get together! I like the idea. Thanks for commenting on my Facebook so I could read about this :)

Christina said...

Awesome! You found some really great ideas! :)

The Gilberts said...

So cute!! I am super sad I missed out and forgot. I had so many fun things to show the ladies there yesterday...pooey!