Saturday, October 15, 2011

Friday...and Then Some..

In the afternoon Tony & I went to see some petroglyphs (click the link to read about that) and checked out the mall where we paid a little visit to Build-A-Bear and got Pandy and Hoote Halloween costumes. Lol. I found a cool owl shirt and then we took off back to the field/park where the balloon were.

 Here's a funny picture I took in the morning - maybe on Saturday actually since Friday it basically rained all day. This picture makes me laugh soo much because it looks like Tony is about to eat the hot air balloon. Ah ha ha

 On Saturday & Sunday they had Navy Seals jump out of a place and do tricks in the air. It was pretty impressive. They would have done this Friday but the weather wasnt cooperating.

In the evening I bought a few more souvenirs (Christmas tree ornament, earrings and another trading pin) then we went to a sports bar where my friend Carli met up with us and we ate food and watched the Boise State game. By 10pm Tony & I were exhausted so we left Carli to do karaoke and we went to bed as Saturday was going to be another early morning. It rained all night long and stopped about 1am I guess. Fingers were crossed and prayers said that the weather would truly be good for the last remaining days of the festival.

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