Monday, October 3, 2011

Ab's Drive-In

This meal was provided courtesty of the Entertainment Book. It was after the Priesthood session of General Conference and we were going to eat in downtown SLC but knew every place would be super packed and we were starving. So we went to West Jordan and ordered food. It was buy 1 burger get 1 free. I wish I had checked in on time on Foursquare, if I had, our meal would have been only $5 instead of $10 and that was with getting a burger for free! Such a bummer  - I was so mad at myself. 

We ordered a strawberry banana shake which was really yummy. The flavor was a perfect balance of strawberry and banana. The fries were good but you had to pay extra for fry sauce.

The hamburger looked good but did not taste good to me. I'm not sure what it was. I ate some of the meat by itself and it was fine so I'm not sure if it was a sauce on the burger, bad lettuce, or what. I didnt care for it at all and only ate about half of it.

Overall I wasnt super impressed by the food but the shake was worth it. The employees were nice and friendly. If you'd like to check it out ,find their location, their menu and a coupon at

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