Thursday, September 8, 2011

Swiss Festival!

 Before the Swiss Festival in Midway, Tony & I had lunch at the Red Lantern which is 10 minutes or less away from us. We pass by it sometimes and tony has always wanted to eat there so I treated him to lunch since he bought and fixed the headlight on my car the day before. I ordered the Lemon Chicken and Tony got Orange Chicken but they ended up tasting mostly the same. It was pretty tasty and we even had leftovers that we shared with Laura later.

 Waiting in line in a makeshift parking lot to board the shuttle to the festival. Can you see Tony's "I Love You" ? So sweet.

 The line was pretty freekin long. Up by the white tent was porta-potties and close to that are the shuttle buses!

 So much Swiss food! Swiss sandwiches, tacos, ice-cream, who knew! We didnt buy any food to eat. Maybe next year!

 Cute kids playing their fiddles - some kids were so young!

 Very cool to see, wish I could have sat and watched them for a bit but we were on a schedule!

 Greg Olsen signing someone's art. In case you missed my Tweet or Facebook post, you can get 40% off his art on his website by using the family & friends code Sept 40

 Cute jewelry. The heart has 2 birds in it! Of course it would have been fun to buy it all but mostly I just looked.

 Laura took this pic of Tony & I. It was a hot afternoon! Next year we will go in the morning when it's cooler.

 There were SO many vendors/booths set up. They even  had one called "Relief Society" that was selling homemade bread. Funny. I bought this cool owl cutting board...

dont you just love it?! I do...oh..yes...I do!

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