Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rooftop Concert Series - Provo

So Tony is not a huge fan of concerts and music as much as I am it seems but fortunately he agreed to go to the Rooftop Concert series in Provo last Friday night for our date night. It was pretty fantastic. 

The first band we didn't care for, but next was The Vibrant Sound, which was really good! And last out was Imagine Dragons which we both liked a lot as well.

This post was in our way. Oh well, it was as close as we could find to the stage to set our blanket down.

 The guy in the blue shirt is Chup , Courtney's wife from the blog - one of my faves to read!
 Another photo stalk shot..they were sitting pretty much right in front of us! CJane was one of the hosts that evening. I dont know where her little girl was but her son was there (see the little kid standing) It was so amazing to see them in real life that I was too awe struck to go up and say hi. Aw, maybe next time.

Imagine Dragons performing. The night was cool, perfect, I was with one of my favorite people and the crowd was not too crazy. All in all a fun date night!

Afterwards we dropped off some items to donate to my friend Natalie who was having a fundraiser yard sale the next day & we stopped by Del Taco to get a cheese quesadilla and some funnel cake fries. Mmmm

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