Monday, September 19, 2011

Donut Falls Hike

This is the sign I saw when we started the hike. Pretty crazy!

 This mile was about a mile and a half round trip. My style of hike! It was a little bit muddy/slippery since it had rained the day before but not too bad.

 People were climbing to the top of the waterfall but it was pretty wet and slippery so I didnt attempt it. We met up with Jaclyn who moved to UT recently from AZ and there were a bunch of people with her. We would have hiked more with the group but we got a bit delayed trying to find the hike and then they all beat us back to the parking lot. O well.

  The scenery was very pretty though

 Way pretty background behind me. I should have opted out of the picture!

 Having a thinking moment. Haha

 Some cool trees

 Tony had bought a Groupon that we could use for lunch only at Fat's Bar & Grill and Saturday is pretty much the only day we can use it so we decided to go there after the hike. We got nachos as the appetizer which were pretty good but I've had better.

The pineapple pizza had mushrooms on it and the bread tasted like wheat instead of white flour. Interesting. I was definitely a fan of the toppings and the crust was a nice change.

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