Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sandy Hot Air Balloon Festival

I'm sure by now you all know how much I love hot air balloons  so of course, whenever there is an opportunity to go see them in real life, I go!

 On August 13th Tony & I met up with my friend Celeste outside the Sandy City Hall, about 10 min or so from where we live, to attend a hot air balloon festival and concert. Behind us is a funny pig hot air balloon. Never seen one like it!

 Tony and I with a cool balloon background. The weather felt pretty nice, no need for a jacket! We brought a blanket to sit on and some trailmix for a snack since we hadnt had dinner yet and it was already 8pm.

  I see a little bit of fire going up into the balloon!

 A bluegrass band, Cold Creek, performed. As you can tell from the sky there was a storm rolling in. Sadly the balloons didn't stay inflated too long before they were taken down. Good thing they came down because shortly after that it got super windy and everyone started leaving. Too bad for the band who had to cut their show early because of the weather. 

Tony & I went to Smashburger for dinner, he had never been there before and I have been a couple times with my grandparents in CA and I've been wanting to take him! He made a custom burger and I got the swiss mushroom burger (my favorite). We shared fries and he liked them a lot. Yay for a successful dinner and maybe a new favorite place to go eat here in Utah.

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