Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Salt Lake County Fair

Tony and I went to the Salt Lake County fair on the 11th to check it out because parking was cheap (free because we ended up parking at the church next door) and it was free to get in. Here is some of the cool stuff we saw. Sorry for the lack of quality of pictures, they were taken on my cell phone.

 Santa surrounded by pandas. So funny.

 We didnt ride any rides , this fair was smaller than the fair in Woodland, CA!

 Checked out the animals and saw some interesting ones. This one above is SO FLUFFY

 sitting down - this one has a long neck

 pretty colors

 pop your collar!

 head all backwords and crazy - like an owl!

 these funny birds , holy moly, their feathers were all curled!

 I want a bunny rabbit. So super cute and soft looking

 pretty fugly..

 heads are so fluffy!

 This one was pretty and calm.

Funny little headpiece of feathers there

Did you know that the people who rescue reptiles in SLC rescued SIX alligators last year thrown away in dumpsters? pretty crazy, I had no idea!

Got a feather in my hair after (I mean before) seeing all the cute chickens, doves, and rabbits!

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