Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Shaun Barrowe's Music Video Taping

I dont know if any of you remember Shaun Barrowe's who was on American Idol a few seasons ago. He made it into the top 10 I believe and has now launched a career himself. A few weeks ago I heard about the opportunity to go down to Orem and be in one of his upcoming music videos. Laura & Rocky were able to come and after some failed Google Map directions, we finally found the house where they were filming. 

We worked for about 2 hours with all the shots they needed for the video. Got to see Lindsay Sterling (finalist on America's Got Talent) and Kat Gallegos (local model and I think she has been in some movies). It was a really fun experience, I'm glad we got to go and sorry to all those who missed out! You know who you are.

Here's the finished product which premiered the end of June but sadly we werent able to go.

Can you see me? Laura? Rocky?

If you want to watch Shaun Barrowe's other videos, that might be a good idea because this "Live For Music" one has a bunch of clips from the other videos in the series. 

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