Friday, July 8, 2011

Blurbs from June

 Some updates on what went on in June..I know I posted quite a few things and there are more things to post but here are some 'small' things that we did and pictures from it all..

Went to my friend Becca's baby shower - I knew nobody there but it was fun to mingle, eat a few treats, check out the cute baby boy gifts she got and of course, visit with her! I havent seen her since I moved to Utah so it was really nice.

 After volunteering for Extreme Home Makeover, I took a pic of this cool tree, so bright, on the way home with Celeste and Bonnie.

Tony, Celeste and I went to go see the band Parachute perform in SLC one evening. I had barely found out about the band online somehow, saw they were having a free show a few nights later and I really wanted to go after listening to their CD nonstop. Convinced Tony to come along and it was such a fun evening, weather was great despite a few drops of rain towards the end of the show.

 Tried some new food at KRico for Tony's birthday , where they gave him a complimentary dinner! SO NICE! It was a pretty good dish but I think I prefer my Lomo Saltado ;-)

Wedding reception for our friend Marc. Fun evening, we ended up staying quite awhile.

This is a sneak pic I took from my upstairs bedroom window. Umm yea. I hate this neighborhood. WAY too many unsupervised kids. At least there are a couple adults in this picture. I swear the building next to me has like 10 kids under the age of 10 that live there. This is the ghetto ice cream truck that probably sells more than just ice cream, parked right in front of our house. Gosh! How about pick any other place on the street but here?!

Other things...had a couple garage sales, went to a few wedding receptions of friends, spoke in our ward at church, had our final  reception in Idaho, got a new tv, got new tires for my car (ouch) , I drove the next day all the way to Arizona where I stayed with my friend Candace...

....worked all week out of the office which was AWESOME and visited with lots of friends every night (there will be an AZ post coming up, I cant get ahead of myself now, can I?)

Stay tuned for more posts shortly!

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